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31 December
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A big Yesung + Kyuhyun = KyuSung/Yehyun fan even if it really doesn't exist for other shippers.

Other OTP:
YeKyuHae -->> the three of them are adorable together <3
YeHae --> well hae is the little one of Ye right?
Yeteuk --> I don't know why I'm strangely attracted to this pairing
MinWook --> if you believe in KyuSung you need to believe in this pairing *that's my idea lol
HanChul --> i think they are already married
EunHae --> everyones favorite

Super Junior bias ranking
1. Yesung
2. Kyuhyun
3. all of the remaining - this used to be Leeteuk but I fell in love with every single member so all of them are ascending so except YeHyun I made all of them third.

Other bias
*Onew - Shinee = can you see the resemblance between Yesung and Onew...? well i can and i just love his attitude and voice.
*Thunder - Mblaq = he came from the Philippines and he is really angelic
*Seunghyun & Jonghoon F.T Island = I watched Maknae rebellion and this happened
*Dongho - U Kiss = he is so young and maknae rebellion again

I'm also an Otaku but I kinda stopped now
but I still love
*Daisuke - D.N.Angel
*Syaoran - Tsubasa
*Touya & Yukito -Card Captor Sakura
*Shimizu - La Corda
*Ryu - Special A

now about the fics....
1. Mostly I did the chaptered ones (seven days and OtRFK and TPP) based from mangas. since i love reading mangas.
2. I only write fics with KyuSung cause I'm biased, but I can make side pairings too!
3. I can't write or read Smut or R fics since i'm still not an adult
4. I love reading KyuSung fics but not broken, genderswitch... i just don't like it
5. My stories all have happy ending! since I don't really know how to write.
6. I don't lock my fics because I want everyone to enjoy reading and criticize my writing
7. Most of my fics have typo.... It's because of the Keyboard but believe me I try to learn english very hard
8. I don't make request since its hard making a fic if it is not from your brain.
9. If I love you so much I will dedicate a fic for you <3
10. I love all my readers... they are nice to take time to read and comment but I love ninja's too..
11. I can only write fics if I'm not busy or every vacation. After finishing a fic I always have ideas what to write for the next..

Did you take time to read this non sense? why thank you.


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